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Mikey Gorman is a Writer. A Director. A Philosopher King. A Vegetarian. A Fool. And other nouns that will never do him service.

Hailing from Saint John, NB Mike is currently living in the city of Toronto having years of experience in Film, Television, and New Media working in multiple capacities ranging from Video-Editor, Grip/Electric, Boom Operator, Teleprompter and animal handler (no joke). As well Michael created, designed, and wrote for the successful film site ClapboardJunkie.com

There is no misconception that his passions lie in Writing & Directing.

Mike is currently writing a number of screenplays and novels that will with the best of intentions melt your brain and tenderize your heart. Having just finished a major draft for his spec-script Jake Mulligan & The Manifest Destiny, Mike is also working on an untitled horror-comedy spec as well as a superhero comedy titled Average Joe with aspirations of moving it forward as a web-series and feature spec.

You can also read his blog where he ruminates on Philosophy, Film, and Creativity atIamthegreaterfool.com .

Mike is always seeking new career opportunities, dislikes writing in the third person about himself, and being called Michael (unless you are mad at him). Please don’t be mad at him. He’s cool and extremely good looking.

Curriculum Vitae 2015

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Phone: 647.988.6623
Twitter: @MikeyGorman
Blog: Iamthegreaterfool.com